Want to see Areus M23 rifle camo.

Anyone got Areus M23 camo, can you show me how the rifle one looks like?

The Valkyrie A30 is *Areus M23's rifle camo, Its an un-silenced Valkyrie A30S with no scope , plus the weapon itself can drop from Yamato as a 13* rifle.



I'd love to see a camo for the upgraded variants as they feature suppressed versions of the AR and TMG.

@Church10129 I see. Thanks a lot.


Would you happen to know what the katana looks like? I want to see that cause I was thinking of getting the camo for my phantom.

@Knight-Raime said in Want to see Areus M23 rifle camo.:

what the katana looks like?

alt text


You're a life saver. I've looked all over the place. Thank you very much

I'll make it a tad easier *Areus M23 Swiki page on the page, hit the arrow under upload that'll pull up some linked weapon pages, the left 6 are in the camo.

Also there is a community thread Multi-weapon Camos where they screenshot in-game camos.

For anyone who finds this thread after the fact Blac to Basics just released a video for this camo.