fun game but game kicks you in gut at the same time when you're having fun

The camera lock sucks in this game. the fact the game is fixed when its locked onto the targets and wouldn't event call it "locked" when you're fighting big bosses it just randomly switch to different parts of the boss lol. Its even more sad when you see those balloons out there and you just want to check their cool looking eyes but sadly when you get closer they just faded away, unfortunate.

Yes, the lock on sucks. According to someone here on these forums, they were worse in older PS games. That's not a good excuse but it means that the developers think it's good enough, which is sad.

The game has many issues when it comes to lock on, movement and camera, but the one thing it doesn’t do is randomly swap targets on you.

Theirs two types of lock on, their’s the soft lock on which isn’t really a lock on, but you get a small orange circle which indicates what you are targeting, and can swap very quickly if either you or the enemy is moving.

Theirs also the hard lock on, which is a lock on I have to use LB to activate. Once I have a lock on it won’t break or change unless I try to lock on to another target, manually swap target, a part breaks on the enemy, or the enemy does something to break the lock on like teleporting. If you’re playing on controller you can swap targets using the right stick, so if you’re trying to use the right stick to adjust the camera, which you can’t with a hard lock on, then you’re likely without meaning to changing the target, making it fee like it’s swapping randomly