Multi Weapon camo quality is very bad lately

Why has the quality of weapon camos gone down recently . I mean take the "seijuro kamiyama sword camo" . Dual sword = 1 katana, wand = 1 katana. what happen to developing quality weapon camos like "A leaf in the Autumn Breeze" Have you given up on PSO2 and pushed resources to NGS . These scratch tickets aren't cheap

@pkrisnin Camos like *Leaf in the autumn breeze are actually special cases in that they are collections of skins of discontinued/unreleased weapons. What you are seeing in the Scratches is what has been normal throughout the game's life, with the decisions as to what they cover seeming arbitrary.

Actually all the Photon Booster Camos can fall under that category "collections of skins of discontinued/unreleased weapons" on the counter point though the Seijuro Kamiyama Sword camo, was from a 2020 JP AC Scratch.

For a better Example of recent camos, the *Tempest Leaves appeared on Global first before JP, so it would be better to compare that one as the models appear nowhere else.

@Church10129 yeah I know but it shows they can do it better but just choose not too. Those ST are already expensive and comes with bad rng the least they could do is spend some time doing the camos well. These recent camos are just lazy work

Because a lot of these camos we've gotten recently were from the early stages of the game's life, when multi-weapon camos weren't a thing. There's no rhyme or reason for when the camos are released and it's not like our version is making new assets for the game.

Outfits are the same too; you can notice that alot of the ones from our current scratch have noticeably low-res models.

As a side note, I'm going to link the JP Visiphone's Multi-type Weapon Camos page as every camo is listed by date (Oldest to Newest) & its broken up by # of weapons covered.

At least give us unlimited Weapon Transmutation ability and not tie it passes. Most weapons in pso2 are just plain obnoxious in design ( sometimes I wonder if they go out f their way to do this ) and with a system that only allows you to use 1 camo at a time how useful and fun would it be to have unlimited Weapon Transmutation. It would be huge quality of life improvement but I guess will miss out on sale for those transmog passes right . But then I'm guessing the ugly designs of most weapons is too encourage us to get weapon camos from AC scratch. Even then design a decent multi weapon camo that supports all weapons with different designs for each weapon not a cheap one design for all. But then I guess you have to pay devs more money right . How greedy can you be ?