Fashion is supposed to be the endgame but. . .

@Xaelon Only future clothes will be tickets, the current items ones will all stay as items.

A few existing outfits are being remade and re-released for the new body models in the JP version (and probably in the EN version too once we get the graphics update), the remade versions are fully tickets (be it set wear + inner wear, outer/base/inner, or just base/inner), but the originals won't be changed or updated.

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@Kan said in Fashion is supposed to be the endgame but. . .:

You can still transmute a desired camo on one of your weapons & equip another camo for your other one

While you are right, it is impossible to match a weapons look with a lot of different outfit skins. Also i don't know why but the weapon must be +35 in order to sacrifice it for transmution. This is why multiple camos would be great to have, but as Ezodagrom said, it didn't happen for 9 years and it won't happen anytime soon in Pso2. It will only work in Genesis.

Just so we are clear, you know you aren't sacrificing the weapon you want to make a skin right? You get to keep the weapon. Yeah, it requires a +35, but if you know what you are doing, it's more time consuming than it is challenging. The weapon transmutation passes are where it gets really annoying, and also, once you place a skin on a weapon, it's permanent. You can't place a different skin on it. That's where you have to be really careful.

@Anarchy-Marine You can place a new transmutation skin on a weapon, but you need to use the revert option first.

Something else very important to note about Weapon Transmutation is that it makes both items become completely untradable. It will mark both items with the "red circle with a slash through it" meaning they become permanently bound your character.

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There is, actually, a means to assign different camos to each of your weapon palettes via creative use of shortcut commands. But keep in mind that this is a bandaid fix at best, and is a bit of a hassle of setup/manage, + isn't really viable for use by gamepad users.

The bright side is any two-weapon classes that best use different sub-palettes rings for each weapon (Bouncer, Braver?) are probably best already doing this to quickly switch between them so there's no harm in adding /cmf to the existing shortcut.

It can also help to switch the F1-0 keys with Ctrl+F1-0 keys in the Chat Shortcuts settings menu to make shortcuts one-touch. This is viable because the most-used of the default uses for F1-0 are for menus that are also available with letters (particularly I for items). I find one-touch weapon & sub-palette switching to be needed far more often than quickly accessing, say, the Armor menu (Ctrl+F6).


You do realise the developers themselves have never said fashion is endgame, but rather it came from the community itself has a kind of a joke/meme, it was never meant to be taken literally. Though it would be nice to be able to use different weapon camos, without the need to transmog, with either other weapons or camos.