CBT Dreamcast Mag

To my knowledge I participated in the closed Beta Test and did more than 5 urgent quest but when I logged on to the Open Beta I did not receive the Dreamcast mag skin? Anyone else have that issue ?

The CBT rewards were slated for release at official launch, not OBT. They have since stated that they will be given out during maintenance on March 31.

i never got mine and its now February 8th

Did you do 5 different urgent or 5 of the same one? Because it states 5 different and I got my dreamcast mag evolution device if you did do 5 different urgents I suggest sending in a support ticket

Hello everyone! The CBT rewards are if you did 4 different Urgents Quests at 4 different time slots. For example, you can complete Automata several times between the 11:30~12 time slot, but only one will count towards the event. This was stated in red on the original article for the event: https://pso2.com/news/announcements/cbtrewards

I received my Mag device -OP