NGS CBT on Steam?

I have come back to pso2 because ngs is releasing and i have already signed up for it on the xbox insider hub i downloaded the ms version to link it to my steam so i can play pso2 on steam whilst waiting and i just realized after uninstalling the MS Pso2 that ngs cbt might not release on steam yet.

the question is, will i be able to play ngs cbt on steam? or do i need to redownload the MS Pso2 again coz as far as ive read in the forums. pso2 ngs cbt needs the main pso2 to be played? can someone clarify this to me please? thanks in advance

NGS CBT will use a separate client only downloadable from the MS Store. It also won't use your existing PSO2 data. You will only be able to use NGS on other platforms and with your existing PSO2 data when NGS officially launches.