Anyone else saving their SG for NGS?

If I remember correctly, we can use SG we have to purchase things in NGS. As such, is anyone hoarding their SG for when NGS releases?

Yes.. because they refuse to give us an SG Support Scratch

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Yes.. because they refuse to give us an SG Support Scratch

^ This reason right here. You don't have to... but you are gonna have to so that you can be better prepared for whatever NGS has to offer.

Nope, not me anyway... Nobody knows what exactly is going to be released initially anyway.

There are too many unknowns, in fact I'd say get whatever you want with SG while you can under PSO2. Personally, I'm trying to get the last few things from Astral Guardians SG scratch before it goes POOF this month.

Now it's my understanding that SEGA is going to lock down alot of cosmetics and the salon for a while in NGS/PSO2 until they get everything re-created for it's newer engine, if the JP servers are any indication. Hopefully it will not take SEGA as long to implement the changes, since they're already been through the change on the JP servers. Regardless, I have zero plans to be a NGS guinea pig for SEGA, I'll be waiting quite some time till NGS has everything implemented and in-place, hopefully bug-free before I even consider creating a character there, much less concern myself with SG for it's release.

Nope I spent mine on vampire fangs from Astral Guardians scratch, it took all 40 tries.

I've got 9.5K SG saved up right now, literally because the only thing I use it for is Material Storage.

I'm not a cosmetic chaser so... Yeah, all that SG has kinda just been piling up over the past year.

Got all my costumes I wanted and idc about the support scratches, so yea, saving them for ngs

Yes & no, I'm more or less making a reserve (via ticket, costume, & title) for extended/Material storage or if I decide to take a long break.

(Only using what I need/want)

@Milk Hold up! I thought that NGS will give us free fangs? 😦 Oh god no.

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@Milk Hold up! I thought that NGS will give us free fangs? 😦 Oh god no.

Yeah, the new character creator, gives us a new type face, and one of the base options I believe was fangs. I'm going to be using that for my cat girl character.

I wish I could give a simple answer but thanks to a giant unknown on Global I literally don't know if I will or can save my SG for NGS.

I'm on the fence because Astral Guardians is ending soon and we don't know if or in what format Global may get Permanent SG Scratch.

I've spent most of my game time since the start of the year prioritising SG. I'm currently sitting at 11,345, enough to spend 9,600 on 120 pulls in Astral Guardians. But all four items on my must-have list are in JP's Permanent SG Scratch, and having done the math 120 pulls would still only give me an 89% chance to get at least one of the four must-haves so I could spend choice tickets on the remaining three. An 11% chance of wasting nearly 10,000 SG (about $375 worth by its purchase options) only to still miss out on something is... kind of terrifying.

If we had Permanent SG Scratch confirmed (not even added) before the 26th of May, I could be guaranteed to get all four and save 1,600 SG in the process. After months of working my butt off this would be an indescribable relief! If we were to get the same initial 30% discount campaign JP had for 3 weeks when they Permanent SG Scratch arrived, I'd save another 2,560 SG on top of that for 4,160 SG saved in total.

Obviously that's way more than the total of all the recent campaigns combined! In short the lack of news about this is risking dramatic consequence for the SG savings of anyone who is serious about Astral Guardians and that's why it's by far the game's most important unknown as things stand.

JP players have also had a comparable influx of SG in recent campaigns, many of which are mirrors of Global campaigns (and this includes the CBT rounds for NGS itself). It seems pretty clear Sega are preparing players to start New Genesis with a bunch of SG which makes me think it'll have things to spend SG on. That we don't have Permanent SG Scratch yet like JP have had for a month means Global players will potentially waste this supply that's meant to be for New Genesis preparation.

I continue to implore the GMs to give us news on Permanent SG Scratch as a matter of severe urgency.