how to unlock the the second end of the ep 6

anyone know how to unlock the second end of the episode 6?

To unlock the True Ending of Epsiode 6, you need to have completed 3 different Story Quests throughout all the 6 Episodes, one of them requiring an S Rank.

These quests are:

• EPISODE 3 - CHAPTER 4: Plotting the Ultimate Defense. (The fight against Dark Falz Apprentice in Mining Base: Ending)

• EPISODE 4 - CHAPTER 8: Avatar of Annihilation. (The final fight against Deus Hyunas)

• EPISODE 6 - CHAPTER 8: The Hope You Bring. (The quest where you enter the corrupted Mothership and defeat Shiva, you need an S Rank in this quest)

It doesn't matter if you complete said quests on Normal or Hardcore, as long as you meet the requirements, a new option will be available in the last Story Quests to fight the Primordial Darkness: Gomoru and Sodam.

Also after you complete the last quest, remember to check the Story Quest section again to watch the epilogue conversations.

No S rank required on anything, its just like getting the alternate ending in episode 3, just run the quest again and pick different dialog choice options.