Please rework the previews for Weapon Camos !

The problem is the preview only shows the first Weapon its suited for and i have no chance of switching it. Its pretty much a Lottery if you purchase expensive Camos for your weapon and then it turns out to be ugly.

I have heard many complain about this now so i am surprised that its not fixed after 8 years. Its also bad for the image of a huge company like SEGA that the community themself has to create a collection of screenshots for all Cameos and each Weapon Type in it because that shows how Ninten...ahem i mean "Lazy" Sega really is. 8 Years SEGA....8 years. 8 years of not implementing something that is standart for every game with a preview window.....8 years.

Same with emotes that can perform actions, you can google these things but it sure is stupid that you have to do so, all of it should be able to be accessed in game from its preview windows.

I agree. This is one of the reasons why I haven't been buying certain weapon camos. I'm not spening tens of millions on something if I can't see what it properly looks like. I also can't see how it would look with my outfit until I buy it which seems really stupid.

Exactly, I’m wanting the *Areus M23 cuz it looks like a pair of pistol! But is it pistols for all 7 weapons? Soaring blade pistols? Katana pistols? XD Would be pretty funny to pistol whip falspawn. :3

The fact that you can't preview the different forms of multi-weapon camos is a absolutely huge oversight. I hope this is fixed in NGS.

The best thing you can do currently is to check out this thread. Which contains images of most of the multi-weapon camos in the game.

Blac to Basics has started doing videos of weapon camos, but he hasn't done very many yet.

The preview sucks in general. You can’t even preview AC scratch Bonus prizes, not even the emotes so you have to look them up on YouTube and hope they look good with your character.

The camos sometimes don’t even have a list on the official site which weapons they’re even for before they go live, I had to ask on here what weapons is Rainbow Blade for. Multi-weapon camos are an absolute nightmare for previewing.

@Pariah-Chan It's the Earth weapon series. Yamato drops. You can see the advanced/fancier versions at Zig.

@AiC-L Can you clarify something for me regarding the *Areus M23 camo? When you say "Yamato drops" does this include the AIS weapons ? Or just the "sigkaiser series" and other weapons that you can exchange for at Zig?

@Xaelon I believe it's the exchangeable ones. The Stat VI SAF ones. Well, technically it's the simplified ones we never got.

Edit: Wait, does it even have the sword as an option? I thought it only covered some of them.

Yup, there's a separate camo for those in specific. * Oracle Squad Siegers.

I'll link Swiki's pages *Areus M23 hit the arrow under [Upload], the left set of weapons are tied to the camo. Additionally here's the link for *Oracle Squad Siegers plus the *Six-blade Gottsieger is listed on the page.

I'll just add such links as this would be unnecessary if the game cycled though the camo types or if there was something on the official site for such previews as previously stated by others & I for one would love to see a similar system implemented in the near future.

We have a blog where we post a lot of weapon camo previews in the form of images if it's helpful for you guys. We mainly focus on expensive camos or camos that are based on 15* weapon series. Feel free to take a look and filter by Weapon Camo Showcase.

Of course, we obtain the camos ourselves to make these posts, so missing camos are a work in progress. 🙂

@CIKI-A Thanks for the link. I've been wondering what the other forms for * Concert Master looked like since I saw it for sale.

I don't know what is in store for Mission Pass Gold /Mission Pass in general, but better preview in that area would be meowch appreciated too.