Just wanted to share a silly post, I went out tonight and caged some of my friends on my friends list even could a couple of PSO2 celebrities

@Aida-Enna 53AC1A54-0F18-4B11-8C66-9BA015789DC6.jpeg

@Fiona-Respha B9B79221-C3C8-4C8E-BA7F-5B48B0E1E7A4.jpeg

There rest idk if they are on here so I can’t tag them 7B2DA0CD-44BD-40F6-8A2F-FD4CCB5ECB0D.jpeg 763CABCF-9E6C-4CAA-A141-FF66331AD78A.jpeg 936CC2BD-7AFB-48F1-8954-437B9CD53F98.jpeg

So this is what happens with the monsters we capture...