Account Suspended After False Alarm On Steam

Hi. 1st time posting here. So the issue I'm having with my account is regarding a suspension. A few Days ago I tried to buy the Episode 6 Deluxe pack for the game through Steam. The purchase got flagged by Steam as "apparent" fraud when I tried to use my own card which then restricted both my Steam and PSO2 accounts. After 3 days Steam messaged me that it was a false alarm on their part and restored full access to my account. However when I tried to log back into PSO2 I received the message that I was suspended and the code was 816. From my bank account records and my Steam purchase history the transaction did go through. I've only played this game for about 3 weeks and have never participated in anything that would be considered against the rules let alone fraud. I'm asking if there is a way to appeal the suspension and what can I provide to get it resolved if possible.Steam Fraud Ticket.png False Alarm.png

All you can do is log-in to the support site and appeal the ban.

Ok, well I just made the ticket so I'll wait and see.

@THE-REAL-33RR33 It looks like they will reverse the ban in legitimate claims like yours, but from the one person who actually posted his follow up, it looks like it took a week or two and there was no actual communication when they did reverse it, with him only knowing it had been reversed by trying to log-in to the game one day, so even after you submit the ticket, just check the game after a week or two.

In that case I'll check back and update once a decent amount of time has passed. I hope it goes well.

UPDATE: the suspension was lifted and I can log into the game again.

Nice! Thats good news!