Please increase weekly Alliance Point (AP) cap to match JP.

In Global, each player can earn 4,500 Alliance Points (AP) per week. In JP, each player can earn 50,000 Alliance Points (AP) per week. Please increase the weekly Alliance Point (AP) cap to match JP. NGS is almost released, and we still have a very small weekly Alliance Point cap. Thank you.

Definitely supporting this.

For comparison, JP got this in June 2020, as part of the update that added both Episode 6 Chapter 5 and Tokyo Bonus Key: Rainbow.

It feels like an oversight that Global doesn't have it yet, but even if not we are definitively overdue it now. This has unnecessarily delayed the cultivation of the EXP boost on my alliance's tree and ensured we don't even have any prospect of farming Cradle like big alliances would as most of our AP comes from a minority of members who quickly hit the weekly cap.

With NGS coming out, please consider raising the player AP cap to match JP. It's very hard for a small alliance to level up, and will be even harder after NGS comes out. Please raise our weekly AP cap to match JP, which is 50,000.

yeah I think my alliance is going to need to make a 2nd one soon, and I would volunteer to make it but without access to a maxed out alliance tree I won't be able to join in if I suddenly have 3 other people around to run Twisted with Hatred and it comes up

I still have no idea why they never ended up doing this for Global. How the hell is anyone supposed to buy their members a Triboost 150% every week at over a million AP a pop??

Now that NGS is live, please please please increase the weekly Alliance Point (AP) cap to match JP (50,000 per week). It's more difficult than ever to grow a PSO2 alliance. We're asking to be equal with JP.

Agree with this. Not sure why it hasn't happened yet.