Angel glare & Duminus glare missing search at market. both unit and weapon

I was try to build glare catalyst with crack V. but something wrong happend. I search for Berouge Glare, Fodrus Glare & Exegul Glare still available. but when trying searching for Angel Glare also Duminus glare not available. I logout from game and then sign again, still same not found when search it at market. here I give you screenshot. even right word for search column, still not found that. bug 1.jpg bug 2.jpg bug 3.jpg bug 4.jpg

and this for sample Berouge Glare, Fodrus Glare & Exegul Glare (can search at market and available) bug 5.jpg bug 6.jpg bug 7.jpg

Did you try searching for the items with Duminus Glare filled in the augments line using the search by price option below. Sometimes if you havent seen an augment in a while it will not appear there to be selected. And iirc its spelled Angele Glare.

If you use the mini search button besides the search bar where you're typing the glares, it will only search the game's recent cache memory. Type in the exact name of the glare there & instead of "Search", press "Search by price" & it would show up

Did you try typing in just "glare"? Did it show up then?

@flylowclevo already. still same T_T

@Kan still same bro T_T

@RikaPSO well I already try everything. but yep still nothing bug 7.jpg

but I found it. without search of course. T_T bug 8.jpg

okay. I already passed. finally found it and can search. well like that.jpg

@strospears Well you gotta type in the exact name too, spelling mistakes or half words won't count. This applies to a lot of things in game, you would often see some outfit/accessory in lookbook that you like and then search it and it's name would not appear in the list. Solution again would be to browse the outfit's exact name then copy paste into the search bar and hit "Search By Price".

Since you got yourself a unit with Duminus glare, Duminus glare became part of your PSO2's active cache, hence allowing you to "search" for its name now. You can still try typing in "Angele glare" in there and press "Search By Price" and units with angele glare would show up.