What missing Cosmetics are you still waiting for?

Scratches have been coming and going at a breakneck pace but there's still plenty of stuff Global hasn't received yet. Having a thread like this might give an idea of what people are still waiting for. In general I really want to see more Sun and Leaf colored outfits added. Seems like every time a new scratch appears we get Original, Shadow, Snow, Ruby and Sea variants. Where's the love for Orange and Green?

To be more specific though, I'll start this off with a few outfits I especially want to see. With pictures! ๐Ÿ™‚

Reruns that I personally want to see:

  • Bright Blossom. This is Katori's outfit and was run in the Fresh Finds once during the Xbox-only period. We've had access to almost every other NPC outfit except poor Katori.

  • Macata Quina in its ORIGINAL color. This was in the Fresh Finds rotation recently but the recolors chosen were awful. White or Grey? Ugly.

Another thing Global is missing is the Phantasy Star Zero Memory Exchange Shop. This has many exclusive Outfits, Camos and Music Discs that came from the DS release. It's a shame we still don't have access to these. Zero was a great game that was unfortunately overlooked by many, apparently including the Global team.

Edit 1: Rearranged, I discovered the handy "List" feature. Removed Tacridia Robe, Arcana Spirical and Blaze Prayer.

Edit 2: Removed Orient Grace, C Vestito, Zephyrasence and Ghost Suit Mini. Surprisingly in the permanent scratch. Only got the Male Kamuy Koytakarra so it stays on the list. Sad. ๐Ÿ˜ž

Edit 3: Removed Medium Cast Set as the CV version is in the Rewind Scratch. Wanted the original but it's good enough I guess. Hoping the Treasure Shop can salvage this hole of fashion we're missing.

I really want the Tacridia Robe but im hoping it passes in the NGS remake survey.

Gemini Omegaโ€™s Hair

I'd say the chances are the Lila Repca will be in Fresh Finds at some point, considering they've done so with Kizika, Nix, & Eri's outfits + Quina & Clara's weapon camos. (characters from the same collab)

On the Japanese side one of my characters at the Luce Repca B which can also be seen early on in one of the Episode 5 update videos (0:09).

I would imagine we're likely not going to be seeing this in global at all since we got just about everything else in that AC Scratch but it would be nice if we got this or at least if it was renewed for N-type specs.

Probably the shadow versions of Aimijin [Ba] E38399E383BCE382B9E5BDB12E6A7067.jpg

NGS costumes for Global. Hoping we get them like JP did before NGS launches.

Most of what i want is currently on global thanks to us getting the Fornis Fuggit outer/base this scratch. Only thing i can remember at the top of my head is Solaris Fulgor [Ba] From winners design 7, Pure Grace [Ba], Sherry Loretta [Ba], Fringe knit cardigan [Ou], Ribbon flare coat [Ou], Short overalls [Ba], Mori girl style dress [Ba] just to name a few.

ichitaro3 GIVE ME IT SEGA!!!

Minisuit. ๐Ÿ™‚

Missing on Global:

  • Smart Inner, duh.

Missing on PC:

  • Blade Balloons in its original colour (Fresh Finds, 30 March 2020) - We've had Blade Balloons B (a red variant) three times since July.
  • Ultion (Theodor's deuman outfit) in its original colour. (Fresh Finds, 5 May 2020)
  • Slick Mechanic: Green (Ulku's Episode 2-3 outfit). (Fresh Finds, 5 April 2020)
  • * HUnewearl which we just saw in Prize Pack A of the merch giveaway. (Mission Pass Season 2, repeatedly passed up for revival)
  • Sudsy Style M&F (SG Shop, 1-4 May 2020)
  • Honourable mention: Zelsius (outfit) (Mission Pass Season 1; it did appear in Season 5 but we uniquely weren't allowed to get both it and Zamlord)

This little cutie sword will look really nice on my 130cm loli, can't wait to get it, we are getting it anytime now uwu!!! i think the name was Helen Bathina or something cant remember owo, but it was requested once or twice before so sega for sure is working on it!! yaay!!!!! UwU da00279b-75d5-461f-83a0-738375e74dfa-image.png

@Miraglyth said in What missing Cosmetics are you still waiting for?:

Missing on Global:

  • Smart Inner, duh.- OMG yes we need this to pull off some better styles
  • Slick Mechanic: Green (Ulku's Episode 2-3 outfit)-just FYI you can get this as a Ba and the Ou in the player shop if anyone put them up via the Green ARKs badge exchange
  • Sudsy Style M&F (SG Shop, 1-4 May 2020) yes definitely need this to come back, I have it thankfully but others need a chance to get it

@Sunnyside45 yes to all of these, what I want is part of the FFxiv collaboration, and I donโ€™t see us getting this anytime soon


I would also like some of the color version we are missing and some more of the Cast only outfits (costume C or mode C)

I still want Frilly Japanese Ribbons for PC users (not paying absurdly high price for it from being xbox release) and Sukunahimes eyebrows for cosplay (We have two of her full outfits and makeup but no brows ๐Ÿ˜ฆ )

I am waiting on a couple outfits too but I'll wait for the NGS versions (hopefully)