Photon/Particle color

With NGS on the way and considering how pretty it looks I would love to have the option to change the color of photon particle effects for my attacks when using photon arts instead of them always being a light blue color. We can currently change the photon color on various weapons. Why not have our own various colorful attacks too? ^_^ Edit: If anyone actually sees this please give some feedback on it. I'd love to know someone actually read it.

In games like Warframe just about every color for equipment and your characters can be customized including what they call "Energy Color" (the color of your projectiles, lights that glow, ability colors, and that sort of thing). I never found it as distracting because you typically aren't using color-coded player attacks to identify one another (the Hero having distinctly orange/red attacks, the Phantom having blue attacks, the Etoile having yellow attacks, and the Luster having whatever color style they have from red, green, white, or gray-ish). With only some weapons having the ability to color photons I feel it could be a fun cosmetic change though it really is up to Sega depending on how hardcoded their colors and effects are.

In this same sense, I would personally like if weapons could be colored and customized in a similar way to our costumes and outfits so you can change the color of the trim of certain weapons and the likes. But unfortunately Sega already has reskins of these weapons available in different forms (such as Fluxio and Rinser which are similarly oppositely-colored) or weapon camos that are identical in shape but not in color (Sigma vs. Gram weapons as Sigma is black-and-green but Gram is white-and-blue). I would not mind the Warframe approach of being able to color aspects of the weapon (or entire parts of it) in addition to the particle colors but I do not know of how many people would actually find that problematic as in Warframe I never really saw much of an issue there other than players using black energy colors which obscures certain visible abilities (such as Nekros, the necromancer-esque character, bringing back enemies tainted in black that makes it difficult to distinguish between a revived enemy and an actual enemy. With different energy colors this effect is much more visible and it is easy to tell that's an ally and not an enemy as a result as black looks "almost" invisible). In regards to Phantasy Star Online 2 in its current state we absolutely have nothing that you "must" see on other characters as all status effects have a universal look to them and the only effect you can actually see from other players are their buffs (Fighter's Limit Break/Overload having a flaming effect, the Etoile's Overdrive giving everyone a glittering effect, the Hero's Hero Time granting a flowing energy look, and that sort of thing).

@VanillaLucia Warframe is exactly what made me want this so bad. Seeing the particle effects in NGS gameplay reminded me so much of it and I would love to be able to have "unique" photon colors. I imagine there's a reason it could be difficult but I think it would be possible. The intensity of the particles will still be the same just varied in color and of it does put strain on the game there could be an option to turn it down or off.

You'll be happy to know this is already the case for weapons/camos that you can change photon color for in NGS, it changes their PA color too.

@Vashzaron Thanks for telling me. It makes me super happy ^_^ Does it effect the little splashes when you step and jump? Things like that.

Here you can see attack colors changed to red

The running around and photon glide effects I presume will actually be handled by the chosen animation (as you can change them but only a single choice so far, expect to see them in scratches.)

@Vashzaron do you by chance know how to do this, they don't really show in the video I watched, just that the color is different

I would like to see this as well.

I think they just removed this feature in release, I changed my Rinser weapon's color and it does not change photon color attack at all

@Vashzaron hey, the most recent maintenance came with a campaign item reward (an n-color change pass) saying it was an "apology for a bug with weapon photon colors". i was wondering if it was related to this? although i did try changing the photon color of a weapon in base pso2, and then carried it over to ngs only to find there was no effect

I have the same idea but for the Photon Trail