Phantasy Star Collection!

With the 'grand return' of Phantasy Star to the mainstream audience, ya know what would be a good idea? a Phantasy Star Classic Compilation. I don't just mean all four titles thrown into an emulator either, take the treatment that the SEGA Ages version of the first game got on Switch and apply it to all four games combined with elements from the SEGA Saturn Phantasy Star Collection (more customizable options, extras such as art, commercials, etc). What do you guys think?

@Leonkh99 I think that'd be amazing. I love this series and I would love for this current generation of gamers to have the opportunity to play, and hopefully enjoy it, as I did 30 years ago.

Remaking them with the Phantasy Star Universe assets would be interesting actually.

The neat features in the SEGA Ages version of Phantasy Star 1 was very nice, it definitely would be good to see the rest of the games also get ported.

I still think it wouldn't be a bad idea to even push the SEGA Ages 2500 Phantasy Star remakes out to current platforms translated.

@Berry , that would be great, though there's the issue of only PSI and II having remakes. If they'll go down that line they should remake the rest of the quadrology.

Maybe, the remakes of SEGA AGES 2500 in playstation 2, Phantasy Star Generation 1 and Phantasy STar Generation 2, were more likely to new players. I wish they also made phantasy star generation 3 and 4. .... And a AAA game, "Phantasy Star V"

I'm actually would not too thrilled for a Phantasy Star V... I feel the story concluded in a very epic and satisfying conclusion, a Phantasy Star V would have a lot of high expectation story-wise.

I hope the Switch Sega Ages do the other 3 games. I got the PS2 Sega Ages collection and it's second best option to play, I even got it digital for PS3 for 800y.

Asking for a Phantasy Star V Is a lot like basically asking for a Mega Man X6 or a Star Wars Episode VII. So no. There doesn't need to be a V more over the fact that the OG team of the classic games are all but gone. Barring III ofc.

Im sorry. Behind a lot it seems. Sega age?

I would love to play Generation 1 and 2. Unfortunately, I never had access to these games. I played the originals on Master System and Megadrive and I also have Phantasy Star 2, 3 and 4 on steam, but it is very frustrating that I can't find Generation 1 and 2 to buy.

Not sure if your question got answered but @ordrickdarkser3 , SEGA AGES is a line of remakes and ports that SEGA has on various consoles. PlayStation 2's "Phantasy Star Generation 1" and "Phantasy Star Generation 2" were remakes of Phantasy Star I and II with upgraded graphics, balanced gameplay and streamlined features.

SEGA currently has a new line of SEGA Ages games on Nintendo Switch which are ports and reconstructions (in Virtua Racing's case) of past games. So far, the original Master System Phantasy Star is the only Phantasy Star title available though we MIGHT get more (Phantasy Star I-IV characters appear at random in the SEGA Ages intro).

I need to get the Saturn collection. Would love to play the originals in Japanese all the way through. I never beat the originals anyway, sadly.

I'm still mad the GBA Phantasy Star Collection omitted PS IV entirely

I as well love the idea, i was about to mention the SEGA AGES series on the Playstation 2. since we're in a new decade, old games and franchises have risen like zombies Resident Evil wave of them! Would love to see this ported to modern consoles, and steam i played and beat all the games, i love the nostalgia feeling, thanks to purchasing the Genesis Collection years ago. I really hope we see this in the future. I'm like it has to happen, i know all game companies dont think the exact same. I am using this as leverage, because if i came from 2010 went back in time machine and told you i was from the year 2020 and tell you all that HALO MCC series of all the games on Steam/Microsoft store. I know you'd all try to call the mental hospital on me for saying halo 1, 2, 3, 4, and reach is on both pc platforms. And to think it wouldnt even shock if saying i did lol i could just see people disregard, and not call me crazy for time travel, i know you'd probably careless if i really was then, the reason would be mention halo on steam, because i was like yeah thats never happening. And look at EA i mean hell they've kissed and made up with steam and now they're all there. So i am really hoping it happens, and who would of saw NGS coming..... that was a massive shock to me. I mean i really hope we have it one day i mean Look at Battletoads and Streets of Rage 4 dont care if those games are bad or not, but the fact that it's ancient and brought back. So I pray that we get the SEGA AGES version of Phantasy Star, and hopefully the first game as well. Would be interesting to see how it looks and remastered graphics knowing that's an SEGA Mastersystem 8-bit game.