The 2nd week of Arks appreciation event, #5, with updated information, is: Condition: Complete the Urgent Quest “Swirling Inferno on the ARKS Ship” one time during the campaign period. Prize: * Fortilebe (x1) + 382: Ready Staff (x1) [Updated]

But the emote 382: Ready Staff is missing, I only receive the * Fortilebe (x1). missing prize I have asked my friend, and he has same issue.

It says in the update page the new updated items will be distributed at a later date, just complete the goals for now.

I see. Just thought [Updated] is just change the reward. Here is the information for [Updated] item:

Update: Attention, Arks! Certain campaign rewards in this event have been changed. Please check the entries marked with an [Updated] sign. These new additions will be distributed at a later date for those who meet their corresponding campaign's requirements. Thanks for your patience and support! This article was last revised on: 04/30 (Asia/Bangkok)

Case closed!