New Challege mode "MISSION: VIOLENT TREMOR" thoughts

@Agent-Falco hey faker

@VanillaLucia Yeah... you might be right, I need to get more practice... well there's always time to improve, this is gonna take a while, it just makes me axious not being able to do it, I don't care if others can do it one handed, I just wanna get it done; ok that should be it, back to the UQ to practice even more...

ok I follow the advice of someone here about playing with etoile, and the result was... beat it first try, Masquerade... ok I'm a dumb freek... anyways thanks for the advice.

Now True Sodam, already 4/5 Fluxios.

Not as bad as the other challenge quests, but it's yet another quest that get's boring fast, has little reward and will be pretty much dead in a week.

It's pretty fun to push yourself for the rankings.

I got a bronze ranking despite only doing it twice. It's either super dead or everyone is super bad at the game.

Challenge rankings are a little different in that each identical score only takes up 1 spot instead of multiple like the other rankings.

Most people who play Challenge regularly as well will be doing max score for Tremor, which is actually easier than you might think for Violent Tremor as a run with a single class set and no deaths comes out to max score; there is no time limit for this. (Rush is the easiest for this, as Hu is tanky and can heal, and BPAs are incredibly overpowered here). What this means is that there will be like 20-50+ with 1st place for Tremor, and these people aren't taking up 50 spots like the other rankings.