New Challege mode "MISSION: VIOLENT TREMOR" thoughts

I been having a lot of fun playing this new mode, I generaly don't like challenge mode, 'cause I hate to start without equipment, but this time is quite impresive, SEGA somehow nail it with this new game mode, and the fact that now you can select your class with an equipment, and in the road select the wepons that better suit your combat style is pretty good, BUT STILL, I just got only 2 Fluxio weapons out of 5, does anyone had fought anything different than Sodam and Chunky Elder and his little brother? because no matter how many times y repeat it, its only the same two final boss fights, there's no Masquerade, or the other bosses for the rest of the weapons, or is it just me and my trashy luck? and also what you think about this new game mode guys?

Not luck, the other bosses spawn under different conditions.

Here's the 5 titles:

  • True Sodam: Have 100% VR at I2, made it to I2 in under 14 minutes (interval area time doesn't count) and pressed all unlock switches
  • Sodam: Have 30-75% VR at I2 (Multiplayer only)
  • Omega Hyunal and Falz Hyunal: Have 80% VR at I2, made it to I2 in over 14 minutes
  • Anga Phandarj: Have 30% VR or less at I2
  • Omega Masquerader: Have 30-75% VR at I2 (Solo only)

And here's some other bosses you can get which don't give titles:

  • Omega Dranble and Dranble Krone: Have 100% VR at I2, made it to I2 in under 14 minutes and missed at least 1 unlock switch
  • Omega Apprenjina: Have 80%+ VR at I2, all players must be attack classes
  • Omega Angel: Have 80%+ VR at I2, all players must be rush classes
  • Grave Exegul: Have 80%+ VR at I2, all players must be suport classes

Interesting, it's gonna be more complicated of what I thought, I might need to tweak the groups in which I play in order to unlock the rest... man I already reading the complains of the players when they watch me dying on purpose just to get Anga Phandarj... this is gonna become toxic as heck; ok maybe SEGA didn't nail it as I thought.

ok new update, this new challenge mode pretty much sucks, it is not well balanced when playing solo, and you're forced to do it, so overall if people want to play this game mode, it's fine as long as you don't want any other reward more than challenge miles, becase SEGA dit it again and ruin the experience on this content, like in Divide Quest... well at least is something different I suppouse, but pretty much sucks 'cause is way to unbalanced when playing alone, and when playing in groups it's better but you can't get anything good out from this other than challenge miles, and once again you are forced to do it alone IF you want the real rewards, now I get it why a few players do this, even if it's new conten for global, not even my alliance want to play this.

But at leats it's a good opportunity for content creators on internet, they should get more from this I hope, because I like it more in that way 'cause at least their contents are entertaining.

It can definitely be done solo, there is 1 boss completely locked behind the solo run, also, you don't lose until you have died like.. 10 times or more, you can keep coming back. Though for bosses other than masquerade, it is recommended to be done in groups, if organized, much better, though I do recall hearing that the enemy stats scale with the number of players in the quest. You just have to keep trying different classes and find one that suits you for this quest specifically (I personally prefer Hero)

@Kan Masquerade is solo only, also you CAN NOT die that much, 'cause every time you die the green metter goes down by 20%, AND you are forced to have 75% of the green metter at maximum just to be able to fight agains Masquerade, wich means that 4 lifes and you´re out, and also you CAN NOT play that many clases 'case SEGA didn't care about the game mode and if you pick any class that can't reach special places then your pretty much doom, beacause there are parts where you really need to reach those places just to avoid that enemies destroy you really hard, or to disable traps, or to get those turrets, also because the way the classes are pre-build, make's the mayority pretty much useless agains Masquerade, just a few are actually efient but not that much, but don't get me wrong, I know how to fight him, I've done it many times on the Ultimate Quest, the issue is that, every class have special ways to make them eficient agains him, but once again 'cause SEGA didn't care about it they make the mayority worthless to that fight, they're pretty good in general IN GROUPS, but solo... well... they´re way to trashy, just a few are actualy good but not good enought.

Actually I think that this fight could be better if it's were planed as a separated quest, with a diferent set of pre-build classes, because is way to out of place of what is intented in this new challenge mode, 'cause it feels like you are trying to fight the dumbness of the game more than a challenge itself; challenges tend to be fun, somehow and this... is not quite fun.

4 lives and you're out

no, because you can refill with vr energy capsules, you have more.

It's not balanced for solo, sure, but solo is meant to be super hard. Etoile is the easiest for solo. Bouncer has done a DEATHLESS solo (omega hunar at the end). Techer can get there but it's slow. I guarantee more classes could do it if people tried hard enough.

And no you're literally not forced to solo lol what you have 5 different ways to get a weapon.

@Theuberclips you can not refill, because if you surpass the 75% threshold, then is not Masquerade anymore, and also you can not refill the bar when you are already on stage 5, you´re just done, your maximum is 75% and no more, and sure you are right etoile is also good, but again what about the rest of the classes? their pretty bad, hero is also good, but still it is not planed to be a solo game mode, and I want that Fluxio, meanig that I gotta get good I supouse with this trashy game mode, thats why it pisses me of, if SEGA gona put a real challenge for a reward, is fine, but make it well planed and balance to what they tend to do, VG: LV 100 Sodam in the Ultimate Quest, it's pretty hard, but it was planed to be a solo quest, this is not, that is why is unbalanced and I want that Fluxio so bad, call me fool for trying to get something that I like even if is not enjoyable, but this is how SEGA want it, the question is why? why they thought that it's gonna be a fun experience to do in solo a content that is not ment to play solo? they trying to mix water with oil, WTF.

You can collect the capsules when necessary and before the last stage, die intentionally to bring the bar within the range, you definitely have more lives than that. And ofcourse, all classes have their ups and downs, a lot of them are bad at solo, some of them are quite powerful when solo. You can also just ignore the solo, do party with people you know, if there are none, join others' organized parties, if there are none, just pug and decide which boss yall want on majority vote or smth and hope for best.

Another option would be just ignore this quest, wait for rising badge 6 update and get the rinze series which is essentially the same as fluxio, as this mode is too "trashy" to waste time on

@Kan Wait! is it for real?! there's gonna be a RWB for Rinser?! please tell me you are not joking about it, 'cause that would be awesome!!!

Also the part of dying to get capsules I do it, but still the maximum for some bosses are set so you cannot go any further, and for Masquerade just make the math 75% maximum, minus 20% for each death, equals to 4 Lifes at maximum, not that much for a mere mortal like me ¬¬

and right now the only two boses that left to me is Masquerade and True Sodam, I already got 3/5 fluxios; Anga Phandarj surprisingly even if it was complicated for me I managed to kill it solo, but Masquerade... man is really tough with the pre-sets that we have

JP got an equivalent exchange for rinser series so I assume global will as well.

And math it like this: 100% at maximum, 5 lives, any time you die, collect a capsule and regain your lost life, making total lives now 6, repeat every time you die before the final stage, until you reach the end of 2nd last stage or capsules run out till before then. At that time, check your vr energy, if its above 75%, die a couple of times, if its within the range, go ahead to last stage, if its below 30%, well rip you. Overall in the end, you get way more lives than 4. during the boss fight vs masquerade, yes, you only get 3-4 lives at max but for the rest of the quest, you have more than that

I think the Rinser exchange will never come, not late.

@Kan and thats why I say you only have 4 lives, 'cause the rest is just meh, time wasted, but the boss fight it's only 4 lives, the rest of the stages are not that important, unless of course you're not using a good solo class, then is pretty much complicated

@Speed-Saber If you fought Omega Masquerade in the Ultimate Quests and know his moveset he's not very difficult if you play as the Hero or the Etoile during the Challenge Quest. The main issue is that when you play this alone you absolutely cannot afford to face-tank damage or rush into battle because you now hove to rely on picking and choosing your battles. I typically lure the weaker opponents away so that I can use something like a turret or easily pick apart enemies until there is less and less to fight before moving on. On the Japanese side, anyways, I had to play this way because the quest was already dead by the time I started playing it.

The Etoile with their Overdrive skill gets a free heal/buff whenever they need it and by the time you reach Omega Masquerade he pretty much behaves as a skill check and a knowledge check for what the player would hopefully have already known of his moveset. If you struggle to fight him I definitely recommend practicing against him in the Ultimate Quest.

Also, if you do get Challenge Dolls those effectively add up and count as "extra lives" as well for you being able to afford going down. If you are trying to lower your VR Energy beforehand I heavily recommend dropping the Dolls onto the ground (not discarding them but rather "dropping" them as though giving them to an ally) before attempting to die so that you can pick them up and use them later.


I'm not surprised to see this name on the rankings again. rolls eyes...