So where are the #PSO2giveaway posts?

The event started on 04/21 and so far neither the twitter or Facebook PSO2 accounts made any posts yet for the event? Did your social media team forget there was an event?

No, the Arks Twitter Appreciation Campaign.


Let's hit some new Like and Retweet Goals, Arks! Check out the table below to learn how you can help unlock prizes for all operatives!

Beginning: 04/21 04:00 PM (America/New_York)

Ending: 05/12 03:59 PM (America/New_York)

Reward Distribution: 05/26 (America/New_York)(end of maintenance), via the Visiphone

How to Participate

To do your part to snag these prizes for the PSO2 Community all you have to do follow us on Twitter and Facebook and Retweet tweets that contain the hashtag #PSO2giveaway, or Like Facebook posts that contain the hashtag #PSO2giveaway during the campaign period!


If the total number of Retweets of PSO2’s official Twitter posts or Likes on Facebook posts that include the hashtag #PSO2giveaway meet a specific goal, then the corresponding items for that goal will be distributed to every account after the maintenance on May 26th!

Retweet + Like Goals


Total of 1,500

Rappy-Go-Round (x1)

Dragon X Helm (x1)

Total of 3,000

Mesetan Necklace (x1)

Total of 5,000

Zelsius Quna Chain (x1)

Total of 10,000

Lillipan Slippers (x1)"