They added new items to the "COMPLETE SPECIFIED QUESTS!" campaign editor-pso20210415_105532_02-70097.png Ready Staff and Oracle Comms are part of the new items added to the old Photon Booster camos, along with the Hagith emote for next week's campaign.

So either way, they still give the Hagith emote to everyone lol

Is it bugged atm? tried 2 gold keys about an hour ago and only received Skia Strain camo. EDIT ah ic camo is now emote is later.

@SlaynZero me too. i don't have the new item. there's a bug or something. how to tell them fix it?

@winfredchunghk it states they'll give them out at a later date

I already got the two camos for the current section of the campaign, do have to do the tasks again for the emotes they just added?




"Update: Attention, Arks! Certain campaign rewards in this event have been changed. Please check the entries marked with an [Updated] sign. These new additions will be distributed at a later date for those who meet their corresponding campaign's requirements. Thanks for your patience and support! "

It's at the top just in case you missed it

@hee-ho I just noticed that now

I am kinda surprised SEGA changed the rewards given how few people complained about the "Rewards" not really being Rewards at all.Kudos Sega....Kudos indeed.

Oh thatโ€™s wonderful news!

Well that's nice of them.