Rappybusters (ship 2)

Founded by PSO vets dating back to the dreamcast days, we promote a casual and fun environment. Teamwork and positive support for fellow members is our paramount philosophy. We constantly run urgent mission, filling client orders and help each other to collect needed items. With 5+ years experience on the Japan servers, we have lots of experience to share. If you are looking for a stress free and supportive environment give us a try. We are small now but looking to grow. Veterans and new comers welcome. Give us a shout in game via the visphone or xbox live.

UPDATE: We are now a lv 5 alliance with currently 41 members but always looking for more. PC players are more than welcome to join too.

Do you guys have a discord

Not yet but we are getting one. Going to try to get one going tonight hopefully.

Update: We now have a discord.

Hello I would like to join the alliance if their is a free spot!

Discorx name Bloo#2070 in game name Bloo as well.