Ship 2 - New Player

New / returning player to PSO2 looking for a new player-friendly Alliance to join. It seems like most of the bigger alliances require level 85+, and I'm a ways away from that yet.

  • I play most nights from 10pm CDT - 1am (USA midwest). I also occasionally play during the day on breaks from work.
  • I am in my mid-30's with a full-time job and a family, but gaming is my #1 way I spend my free time.
  • I've played most MMORPG's on the market for the last decade or two.
  • I played the JP version of PSO2 back in the day, but honestly it's been so long I remember very little of it.
  • I'm leaning towards Braver / Hunter subclass until I can unlock Luster.
  • I use Discord mainly, but can use other VOIP as needed

Let me know if you have an opening in your alliance!

A new Alliance is on the Rise !

Alliance Name: Insidious Ship 02

Founder: Codebreaker v1 (Nemesis) Officers:

☆l Giyu l ☆JohnnyRico 305 ☆Dartxmarauder ☆Fell Grima

Summary: We are a newly formed Alliance of veteran Pso2 players looking to improve other Arks in game and form new friendships that will surpass PSO2/NGS.

Things we can either help with or teach you.

☆Augmenting (we have a master Augmentor for both weaps and units) ☆ Triggers ☆ actually running content with YOU ! (Most Alliances have small clicks who only will only run together NOT HERE!) ☆ our own personal Discord  (in development) ☆Active players ☆Divides ☆NGS Alliance ready ☆non toxic environment (we're all here to have fun and that should be respected)

(Requirements to join)

1.Must be 75/75 on 1 character as this will be an end game content Alliance

  1. GEARS DOES NOT MATTER !!(we will help guide you in achieving the gear needed in PSO2 and NGS)

  2. Must be 16 year old+

  3. Must be a Ship 02 resident

@CodeBreaker-V1 said in Ship 2 - New Player:

(Requirements to join)

1.Must be 75/75 on 1 character as this will be an end game content Alliance

I appreciate it, but you're level requirement is still a bit higher than I am. As a new player I'm only around lvl 30, and I'm not sure how long it will take to get to 75+. 😉