Ship 1's Fashion Show!

Love stuff like this! We've also signal-boosted the event on our discord to hopefully get more attendees. Feel free to stop by and show the love!

@Milk make sure u follow the link to our discord so you can sign up before the deadline. Good Luck in the competition!

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I definitively want to attend, planning to participate in all categories! ❤

@Pariah-Chan Terrific. make sure to follow the directions for signing up!

Today is the last day to sign up for the fashion show! Better hurry if u want to enter!

@Feral Remember, you can spend 30 minutes prior to the event walking into blocks and shouting an advertising message about the upcoming event! Having 2 or 3 staff members doing this will get you those last minute people to come to your event as viewers!

Setting up a notice in lookbook might help as well, but the "here and now" advertising works great too.