Ship 1's Fashion Show!

Hey all you Fashionistas!
Are ya'll ready to strut your stuff once more and put that swag to good use? Good cause 3rd Gen Phoenix is having a ship wide fashion show! Don't like that? Well to bad, its happening! Anyone from any alliance can join the festivities!

3rd Gen Phoenix alliance quarters or (Block to be determined) Cafe

8th of may Saturday 2230/10:30pm EST

Sign ups will need to be made on the 3rd Gen Phoenix Alliance Discord: in the Fashion Show Sign Up Channel!

The Cut-off for sign-ups will be 11:59pm EST on Thursday, May 6th.

Please list your ARK ID and the category numbers you wish to sign up for. Depending on potential sign up quantities, we may need to limit the number of categories each person can sign up for.


  1. Urban
  2. Cute
  3. Lewd
  4. Rappy
  5. trap/reverse trap
  6. Cast/Cast like
  7. Judges impression (basically look good with whatever you want)


1st Place: 100mil
2nd Place: 70mil
3rd Place: 50mil
4th Place (+): ???

-each player can enter every category (depending on number of participants) and win multiple categories

Crux / Azerox / Usumi

Triple Z

This ship wide event is being hosted and fully funded by 3rd Gen Phoenix in celebration of the upcoming NGS release!

More possible info to be put out as we approach the event date in the discord, so stay tuned!

I wish everything goes right and be fun there!

Thank you very much! with over 1.7b Meseta in prizes, we are hoping for a nice turn out.

Oh this seems like fun, hope there's a big turnout 😆

Seems like fun! I’ll consider it, I only have my alts on ship1 so I don’t have as much fashion as I’d like, though.

@Milk not to worry, we are hoping that even if people dont have any fashion at all or that dont want to actually compete will still show up for audience purposes. the more that show up, the bigger the hype is gonna be.

@SaviorZero82 Thanks man! the post has been updated as well with some additional information!

@Feral ok I’ll update the posts

@Feral i even made a tweet on my Twitter

Most appreciated man! Let the Hype train COMMENSE!

Wish you guys the best of luck for your event.

Sadly i wont compete in it. I like being seen however i dont like standing out. I dont even refresh my Lookboot that much.

We appreciate your well wishes none the less!

Feed the comments guys! we need to keep this Thread on page 1 so its easy for people to find.

I’m really glad the start time is at night so I can actually go!