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Official Article

Main class distribution chart:

alt text

Character Creation and beauty Salon Chart:

alt text

  • 70% or more received high evaluations as "very good" and "good" .

Google Translated, as usual:

"Regarding the operability of Character Create Esthetics, we have received the opinion that it is difficult to operate because there are some differences in the operation method from the one before the graphic engine update. This has been changed to make it easier to create characters for both "PSO2: NGS" and "PSO2". We apologize for the inconvenience caused by the different operation method, but we kindly ask for your understanding as it will be a necessary response."

User Interface Ease of Access Chart:

alt text

  • Regarding the comprehensibility of maps and mini-maps, 42% answered "bad" or "very bad" , including the contents related to the warehouse menu and fonts that were announced in the results of the 1st closed beta test questionnaire. We have received various suggestions.

In Game Graphics Chart:

alt text

  • Regarding the in-game graphics, both were highly rated as "very good" and "good" with 75% or more .

  • We have received the opinion that the effects may be dazzling.

  • Regarding effects, we are considering whether it is possible to implement functions such as the option setting "Reduce light emission of some effects" of "PSO2".

  • Regarding this, the range of influence is large and it is expected that it will be supported after the official service