Drop table missing - Eleph Rappy

Confirming no UWB, nor any currently running event item drops from Eleph Rappy on any mission on any difficulty on Ship 3. Checking every mission quest information confirms only camos from Cherry Blossom Nyau are currently dropping.

Well I've confirmed a few 8* camos dropping from them * Felicity Edel, *Let's go Ocean & *Chocolate Emblem, though only through SHAQ & Risk Exploration. No luck on the UWB though.

Edit *Miracle Magic & Welk series (weapons) confirmed as well.

Interesting. Those items are not listed anywhere on the event news page.

Confirming then that * Evil Shioinaru Yanpe | * Randall Orbit | * Sorcerer Morus | * Cydstrid are currently not dropping on any mission.

@Lune The item log doesn't work for checking things most of the time.

Soercer Morus does drop, though seems to be abysmally rare as only one listed on market on Ship 2.

Someone in General Chat mentioned getting a Sorcerer Morus from an Eleph Rappy in Fire Swirl (UH) just yesterday* actually.

*(my time zone)

There is now a * Randall Orbit camo in UH Underground Shaft Expedition item log (note that the item log records across all ships)

That should confirm that the camos are, in fact, dropping outside of Fire Swirl. We'd probably see a lot more if they ran a campaign for farming UH Expeditions with new drops (similar to the Enhance Caps in UH FF on JP that was run for a short time), considering basically everything else that might drop there would have no value right now.

I believe the Rappies have to be level 91 or higher.

@Theuberclips Been trying to farm Risk Expeditions myself, to no luck... even with help to clear mobs fast, still nothing. This drop rate is abysmal.

Common Sega, this is a hot item, and people aren't able to get it. Make it a scratch item or something! I'm sure there's more money to gained if it were.