Preview image of mags

Hello, I was looking to get a MAG form the Mission Badge shop and i had no idea if it was worth getting because i didn't know what it would look like. If this is something we could implement that would be awesome!

I second this suggestion- there's a way to preview clothing and accessories before you buy them: alt text

But the only way to preview a mag device is attempting to use it on a mag, which you can only do after you've purchased it! alt text

If you try to preview it in a shop, it just shows the device item itself: alt text

My suggestion would be to have the preview for mag devices show up while purchasing them from shops!

There typically is a preview but only when you go to use the device so you must own it first, this suggestion would be way better especially within the player store then you would know what your about to get, even on the JP side there is no complete list of all the mags that I have found

i agree with this post