Does anyone lose alliance point on their quarter!?

We have like 20,000 or above but now it drops like a nuke and it at 0! Could it be an update or someone it hacking our alliance to make us feel bad or something? I've not trying to be rude to this game but something isn't quite right on this game. can someone explain to me why that happened?

Are you sure someone didn't dump the points into growing the tree or watering it? Even perhaps buying something from the alliance store for everyone? (or have you already covered these bases?)

Alliance is for friends only since I've was second leader of alliance. we haven't water planet and purchase anything on Alliance store.

using the tree buffs also consumes the alliance points so if everyone is using the buffs the points will be drained too, still is possible to see in what those points were expended if you are the leader.

@Jamesmor Really? I thought using tree buff increase the alliance point. I just have had a quick check, yes, it increase, not consume.

Using the Tree Buffs does nothing to AP automatically; you need to spend AP to upgrade and fill the Tree with "water" (which is consumed automatically as buffs are used), but that must be done manually.

AndrlCh might be right! but since I don't know what happened to our AP in the first place but I guess we can get more AP by doing quest or play casino to gain it. and sorry for my very late reply!