What's with the new Rappies?

I'm getting drops from the new Rappy like they are Nav Rappies if I get anything at all. Is this intentional? Are all Rappies going to drop Red Meat instead of UWBs from now on? I got some UWBs from an E-code during an UH Swirling Inferno but no drops or Nav Rappy style drops during expeditions both yesterday and today.

The Eleph Rappy was originally from the SEA version, so they have a different drop table to others much like the Drago Rappy (also from SEA). I had jotted down their drops in JP when it appeared, but I haven't heard about its global drops aside from the camos the PSO2 Global site listed.

These are my notes from JP & Do be aware they may differ from Global's drop table.

  • Lv. 1+

Dio Serpent Series (Red & Grey standard 10* weapons)

  • Lv. 76+

Welk Series (13* weapons that normally drops from Platidrahs & other Esca-Falzspawn) Confirmed in Global

*Miracle Magic camo - Launcher, Sword, Partisan, Double Saber, Katana, Rod, Wand, & Jet Boots (appeared in Global's Halloween 2020 Bingo [Back]) Confirmed in Global

*Felicity Edel camo (Felicate Edel- JP) - Harmonizer, Sword, Twin Daggers, Double Saber, Katana, Soaring Blades, Gunblade, & Wand. Confirmed in Global

*Let's Go Ocean camo (recolor of * Let’s Go Summer, but multi-type) - Wired Lance, Knuckles, & Jet Boots. Confirmed in Global

*Chocolate Emblem camo - Launcher, Wired Lance, Twin Machineguns, Talis, Wand, & Harmonizer. Confirmed in Global

  • Global has stated Eleph Rappies drop the following items (level not specified)

*Evil Shioinaru Yanpe camo - (All except Harmonizer) normally drops from Rainbow Keys & Death, Destroyer of Worlds LQ/Trigger (Space Magatsu)

*Randall Orbit camo - (All except Harmonizer) normally drops from Mining Base VR

* Sorcerer Morus camo - (Double Saber, Rod, & Wand) normally drops from Rainbow Keys

*Cydstrid camo - (Sword, Twin Daggers, Katana, Soaring Blades) normally drops from Rainbow Keys, Risk Exploration: Lillipa, & Descant Drahl (Lv. 91+)

It just feels weird to not have the Rare Drop ding and no UWB from a Rappy, I don't remember Dragos doing this, they still dropped UWBs.

I think it's because their drops are all extremely rare instead of the standard pretty good ones from most other rappies. So you're going to be seeing a lot of garbage dropping like that unless you get lucky. Could be wrong though, but I haven't gotten anything from them either

Something definitely is off. I'm pretty sure that all rare enemies, including all seasonal Rappies and Nyau, always drop at least one UWB in normal quests, and I can corroborate that these new Rappies aren't.

But they do in UH Inferno, so it is very strange. Thinking I should post this in Bug Reports.

Has anyone actually seen the global featured camo's drop? I've been farming a ton of them, SHAQ's and every fire swirl I can, I've gotten the camo's listed for JP, but the global ones seem non existent. There's no sign of any new ones being listed in player shops either.

From the notes on the JP swiki, it says the Eleph Rappy drops Sorcerer Morus Lv. 91+, which makes it only from Risk Exploration & Fire Swirl UH.

I personally never saw any 13*camos in the drop tables (aboard ship 2) during the JP's Eleph period. Unfortunately due to the amount of 13~15*weapons that dropped in Swirl I never saw any camos on the 5 pages & could only confirm the 8* from drops.

So I could never verify their info.

JP Eleph Rappy data: Appeared in all fields for a week (3/3/2021~3/10/2021) & also in Fire Swirl for (3/3/2021~3/31/2021)


I can confirm the Sorcerer Morus drop from ultra hard rappies in fire swirl as i was there when it dropped. I believe the SHAQ rappies only drop the 8 star camos due to level.