How to get the item needed for coated weapon camo?

After the release of coated weapon camo I have been trying to obtain the items such as coated edge but have not been able to get it. Are the coated series still available

Seeing from the quest logs of the trigger version, the UH difficulty of The Face of Abyss and Cradle of Darkness drop all of the * Coated camos. I guess Drawn to Darkness UH also drop them.

The Face of the Abyss drops every single Coated camo, but the drops there are so ridiculously low it will take a while until you may see one them. Every single one of them can be gotten in different quests. Rainbow Key should also drop all of them, but it's rare to see a camo drop in that quest.

You can buy some of them at a reasonably low price, such as the Coated Edge (Sword), Coated Glide (Soaring Blades), and Coated Verge (Wand), everything else will be at above 1m, with Coated Barrel (TMG) being the most expensive as of the writing of this post (sitting at 7.5m.)

is also possible to use the Coated Edge and Coated Doubliss weapon versions so if you have those you don't need to worry in going after their camo versions.