Add Medal drops to the Cradle mission like how Japan has them

Why don't we still have Medal drops in the Cradle of Darkness mission but Japan got them from the start of their UH update to it?

For those unaware over in the Japanese version the Cradle mission drops a ton of all sorts of Medals (Including Buster!) too on top of all the other goodies it already does. Why should we get the short end of the stick, especially on something like this?

From what I can tell* Global has gotten S capsules in place of medals.

All sorts of Medals

  • Buster Medals

  • Gold Prize Medals

  • Divide Medals

  • Weapons Badge 2021s (essentially Rising Badge 6)

  • Cobalt Medals (JP's exchange for ungrinded 4-slot Orb Weapons & Unit)

I heard that too and honestly to my own ends that is a horrible trade if so.

As I desire more so to building towards NGS the Buster Medal drops specially allows easy access to them to stockpile for weekly SG from the Buster Shop, SG that along with AC is the only 2 currencies that transfer. And Japanese players have currently way easier method to overstock on Buster Medals to gain SG to spend over time per week as they come, even after NGS releases.

hm; if that's the case, they could be holding that off until they drop RB6 on us or something; my guess that they could still be sitting on an RB6 exchange is based solely on the idea that they might not have wanted to give us an exchange for Rinser weapons until they gave us an opportunity to earn the functionally-identical-but-you-can-type-change-them Fluxios first; because what good would a type-changeable weapon be if you could have already had every single weapon type set up with a Rinser or Klauz

Cobalt medals could be easily omitted just because of all of the UWBs we already get form all the rare falspawn that show up in the crowds

Segac pls

Echoing this request.

Signed. This would be a very positive change.

Mainly, I'd like the Buster Medals added to Cradle. But the others are good too. I can't think of a good reason for Global Cradle drops to be different from JP Cradle drops.