Mission Pass Gold Ticket cannot be traded in for SG anymore in the Swap Shop?

Hey there, fellow ARKs! 🙂

I purchased 30 days Premium a few days before the discontinuation of the Mission Pass was announced. I got the Mission Pass Gold Ticket and wanted to trade it for 200 SG at Kameo, the NPC for the Swap Shops. I can't find it. I checked multiple times. I haven't played for a while, I took a break and recently started playing again.

Am I blind or did they patched it out? Can I still get 200 SG for it somehow? Or do I have to use it? 😕

Your help is greatly appreciated. Have a nice day, evening!

Birdy 😆

That exchange was removed after the issue with Gold Passes was fixed.

It is not likely to return, even with the discontinuation of the Mission Pass, since a Gold Pass purchased as part of Premium technically only costs 200AC/40SG.*

*30-day Premium on JP costs 1300AC and it doesn't come with a Gold Pass, and they are likely going to bring the price on Global, which is currently 1500AC, down to match it once the Gold Pass is removed.

I have one of those and I thought it would be used, but I end up using 200sg instead and now I have that pass that no longer worksD:

Aw, what a shame. 😕

Thank you so much for your help! 😆