Mag Color Coordination Kit not working

Every time I try to use the mag colorv coordination Kit on my mag it says "Unable to use Mag Color Coordination Kit." even the both the mags I tried it on did support color changing (Lynx R, & Sato are the mags in question).

The Mag Color Coordination Kit (8 AC items/Recycle Badges) is for reverting a Mag to automatically match your outfit again after using a Mag Color Change Kit (12 AC items/Recycle Badges) to make your Mag a static color. If you didn't use the Mag Color Change Kit first, then the Mag Color Coordination Kit will not be usable since your Mag will already be matching your outfit color.

If that is true then why is something that important not listed in game. You're telling me I basically wasted all those recycle badges because Sega couldn't be bothered to properly explain how the item works in it's description.

Currently the description reads 'A device used to match a Mag's color to your outfit.' I assumed this would permanently change my mag's color to be the same color as whatever outfit I was wearing at the time the device was used.

What the device should say is 'A device used to make your mag change color whenever you change the color of your outfit.'