Rude players

So im new to the game, last summer I joined but only recently did I start taking this game seriously, so i dont understand tons of mechanics, grinding techniques, general strats etc. all that. but everyone seems to be so rude to me, esp when i ask questions, and i dont know what im doing wrong? they always seem to be condescending and act as if i should know this. if anyone here is on ship four, lemme know, because i need actual nice friends. 🙂

If you're on ship 2 then it makes sense. More of the elitists from JP pso2 went to ship 2.

Recommend just joining an alliance and chatting with them.

@Zeke unfortunately im on ship 4, seems to be a lot of elitists here too sadly. : (

I'd be your friend and help you, but I'm on ship 2. 😧

This is just how a lot of online games go after launch, unfortunately. The only time I've really seen it not be the case is FF14, but that's just because you can report people for really minor rudeness so people just make fun of people on their private discords instead of in-game.

@RikaPSO ive been considering switching! would you reccommend ship 2? : 3

I'm a returning player as-well, haven't really encountered any rude players as of yet. I have been looking at some of Anamana!'s videos on YouTube really helps a lot to get your bearings on the game and to get up to date on all the new stuff.

also the discord server is incredibly elitist, god, i asked one question and theyre on me like "have you heard of a wiki?" like yeah no shit haha im just asking a question : (

Yikes, what discord was that?

@odnoliub there is no official discord for PSO2 but i will say sometimes people get tired of repeating themselves quickly. And there's information available via the visiphone website or swiki translated. There's so much in the game it can be nice to learn on your own at your own pace.

Ship 1 and ship 2 are the most populated. Ship 3 definitely has more of a community feel and Ship 4 just feels dead.

Try joining a nice alliance on the ship you're playing or another one if you plan on changing ships. Sadly you will have jp pso2 elitists everywhere especially on ship 2 and on the pso2 reddit discord. Makes me wonder how they will act on ngs since global and jp version will start on time.

@Akonyl yes, FF14 is hilariously carebear mode, banning content creators game account for talking crap about general player skills on Twitch (not in game). Their forums is also pretty bad. Using naughty words spoken by in game NPCs can get you banned.

@kyamell 100% the same, they will be the one discussing and sharing the newest information whether it is on swiki/reddit and looking down on people that doesn't look up available information.

"have you heard of a wiki?"

Is this elitism?

@Akonyl The only real difference in FFXIV is that nobody says anything, people just get kicked to avoid any possibility to report them. They'd WANT to mock someone who isn't up to snuff (or their version of it), but since being an a-hole can get you banned, as it should be, they just say nothing and remove them.

Which is to say, the people are the same a-holes but the possibility of actual consequences stops them (most of the time).