[Ship 3] Ironbloods - [Social][Global/ENG][Casual-Friendly][Discord]

With the upcoming release of PSO2:NGS, Ironbloods has been restructured and adjusted going forward ready for the new release having cleaned house.

Our alliance is generally using block 48 however this may change depending on how NGS distributes their player spaces. Though 48 will remain in use for those playing PSO2 content. We also have a discord available, it's not required to join this but it'd be highly advised to use it to catch impulse plans from members.

What we do

What we're aiming to provide is a foundation for players new and old to enjoy a friendly social environment in which they'll be able to find others to play and do content with going into the release of NGS. We consist of a small base of about 15 members currently and aim to build back up.

Once we've built up our roster we'll be looking at starting up events again, whatever group content that NGS throws at us we'll take on. We'll also be looking at bringing across fun events such as costume competitions, meseta lotteries and so on.

What we require

In terms of requirements there is none, just bring a good attitude and treat others with respect, we value members who are engaging with one another.


Alliance Tree:

  • Attack Up: 7

  • Defense Up: 6

  • Earned EXP Up: 6

  • Earned Meseta Up: 6

  • Rare Drop Rate Up: 8


Discord: Nerzarn#3608

In-game: Mitzukii Hoshi

Alternative Officer contacts

In-game: GMSetsuna

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