Windows 10/Xbox incentives Recommended Quest distribution?

Has anyone received these yet? The news page is somewhat confusing about the delivery of these rewards, stating that they will be distributed after maintenance on the 26th - While the maintenance news post states that maintenance for the 27th will take place on the.. 28th? Its very odd.

Either way, I've seen a few people with the reward hairstyles all ready and I'm wondering if I somehow missed the crtieria for earning them or if those wearing them just had the same by happenstance and the dates for distributing them are really confused. I had gone from Windows Store, linked my account to Steam and then back to the Windows Store version during this event.

Does anyone have any insights?

I haven't. I'm guessing we will get them tomorrow after the maintenance.

Rewards like this always come directly after a maintenance, so it's likely just a typo and they'll show up tomorrow.

When you saw the people with these hairstyles, are you sure it was actually the same hairstyle? Both hairstyles from this campaign also have non-GV versions which showed up in Fresh Finds a while back.

We've got another month to go for these.


For some reason some campaigns just wait a month after they end before sending their rewards out. I've never really understood why. We haven't seen so many of them lately either so I can understand why this one may seem out of place.

I don't believe it's possible for anyone to have either hairstyle right now, unless they were previously distributed by other means than this campaign (were they?).

@Miraglyth Oh I see! I had totally made an assumption it was this month, thanks for clearing that up for me!

@Akonyl Ah, it could well have been! I wasn't aware that the hair had another version that had been on Fresh Finds, I just saw a few people in short timespan (about 10 minutes) that appeared to have the same hairstyles. It was probably just been a coincidence then.