Whats your favorite class?

My favorite class is the boot class. I like kicking things in the face for nearly 1mil, and movement is so good.

What is your favorite class?

Jet Boots, Knuckles. I managed to find a fifteen star set of Knuckles that I sub in and out with when not doing serious quests. I hope Jet Boots are usable on one of the classes if Bouncer doesn't fully carry over to NGS. I'd love to be able to fast swap between Kuckles and Boots combat.

Etoile Double Saber/Wand are my favorite right now. Phantom and Force are great too.

Of course Challenger class in CM is also awesome 😎

Phantom Rifle and Rod.

However, as I'm levelling new classes, I'm really liking normal gunblade. Once I'm done, I will try to play Luster as my main.

Hero, it's the closest thing you can get to the HUnewearl from PSO1.

Luster. 😼

There's a little Luster in everyone

Phantom and Force. I like casting spells. XD

Mine tends to change over time. First it was Ranger, then Braver, then Hero, then Etoile and now it's Luster.

Judging from my name, mine should be pretty obvious... XD

Ranger, Gunner, Phantom (rifle)...

I plan on giving Hero a shot,(I can haz mechguns?) as well as Luster eventually, it's sheer speed and aggressiveness utterly fascinates me.

I've also become alot amenable to gunblades, they are quite versatile, I certainly love my Bringer's Rifle. Being able to attack at range or up close with all three forms of X-ATK at once is rather invaluable.

@Trigunman Luster is great, on gunblade it is too bad you need Luster (main or sub) to buff it to true equality to the other weapons.

Ranger for the combat flow outside of SatCan and Positron spam, Hunter for having a polearm weapon that's not just a giant lance or a lightspeed stabby stick. Playing Luster ATM to farm stuff faster though.

When I started playing way back I mained katana braver. Then I picked up summoner and went between both for a bit, until I got into jet boots bouncer and that was my main for a while. I mini mained hero and phantom when they dropped, and now i'm stuck on luster. It's a bit hard to go back to anything other than a scion class now that i've been playing nothing but luster since release, they all feel too stiff even though the ones I was playing were all faster paced. Luster can be/get anywhere always doing constant good damage, can almost always heal easily, has the best "fast" pacing (not too fast to almost encourage being spammy), and it does all of that while feeling very fluid and natural to play.

I've been dying a lot trying to get the levels for that sg campaign because of it, an any class rifle doesn't really cut it anymore

I started on braver because it looked like a nice melee+ranged class to test the waters with since I had no idea which I'd like more, then ended up playing bow braver until I got my raven katana drop from ultimate and then went katana braver. Then I just stayed braver because I easily get comfortable with playing classes in games and don't wanna switch, phantom seemed kinda cool though from what little I tried of it.

I like being hard to kill and i hate using items/spamming healing to survive, so Etoile seemed like the best option. It's a good class too, so that's nice.