i got three problems 1 THE SUPPORT wont let me ask someone 2 I got Collection folders that wont complete even tho is 100% 3 I A CANT ACEPT PARTY Queast in PARTY Please RESPOND QUICKLY if i could reenable the notification that says please say yes too qeast That would be MOST HELPFUL i know i cant spell QUEAST

I can't help with the 1st one but...

Collection folders are not finished at 100%. 100% only means that the next time you fulfill the requirement of that particular fodder of the collection folder, you will get the drop. Once you get all the drops of a folder, you receive your weapon/egg from the folder.

Only the party leader is able to accept the quests for the party. If you want to do a separate quest, leave the party.

NO what i mean is i cant SAY READY not the party leaders job What comes after THE Leaders job

The party leaders job of acepting qeast then I say Yeah im ready for the JOB I CANT DO THAT

To that I'm not sure, never occurred to me. Usually you just press accept and wait till the rest of the party members accept, or if you pressed wait, you press esc > tab > enter to go back to quest acceptance page and accept it there

If you're accept quest button is greyed out then I'm not sure what's causing it, maybe a bug

@Kan Escape > Tab > Enter is correct. I don't know why PSO2 hides it behind this menu. lol