Must have concert for NGS

I'm sure all True PSO Fans can agree that we absolutely need this classic song made by the PSO fan community needs to be turned into a concert in NGS:

If you have literally any other opinion, sorry but you're just not a True PSO Fan...

@Laep So let's be clear here, I'm not a fan of rap, and there are few rap songs that I like, but this right here is actually priceless. I actually had a funny idea, where it's instead used in a cutscene, and it's a character clearly listening to something while fighting,and passers by are asking each other, " what are they listening to?" Only for it to cut to the perspective of the person in question, as they are mowing down, and stabbing everything in their wake. It's one of many cutscenes in a series called the various music of Phantasy Star. It would be an explanation as to why we always hear background music. The characters are actually playing music through their communication devices.

But yeah, the concert idea isn't bad though, SEGA would just have to track down the people that made that YouTube video, and get permission. Which would be the only challenge I see here.