Lumignie and Miasmic Corruption

I finally got my hands on a Lumignie today, which I was planning to have as my third Luster Gunblade... But I realized I don't fully know how it Miasmic Corruption works. It says it increases ailment affliction by 100% and that it will apply an ailment based on the element... So I end up with several questions...

  • Will it apply both the element ailment and augment ailment (like light gunblade with Freeze on it - will it randomly choose to freeze or panic? Or just panic? Or just freeze?)

  • What level of ailment comes from the ailment? 1-5?

  • What happens with various effects of Luster? Is it always technically the same element, but just style changes? Or does it technically remove the ailment and therefore the element ailment is lost? (esp: the charge shot thing)

So yeah, just trying to figure out the most interesting way to set up this weapon. All help is appreciated.


It will try to apply both element and augment ailment at random. Due to some stuff "under the hood" on how ailments work, and the fact that enemies can only suffer one at a time, trying to have 2 ailments on the same lumignie isn't a good idea. Lumignie has a SGA as it's SAF that lets it change its element type to match any elemental rings you have equipped, so if you're wanting to have multiple options on what status to inflict, this is the ideal way to do it - no money spent on augments or elemental transitions, and you can change it mid-quest.

As for how it works with luster, no, it keeps its element - luster doesn't actually remove a weapons element, but the elemental damage bonus it receives from it. If you're wondering how it interacts with the SGA, it actually does change what Luster style is used as well as it's element (a few players abused this to play every luster style using only one gunblade). Style purge does not change element either AFAIK.

(I just deleted everything I wrote since I got ninja'd; c'est la vie)

Just to answer the unanswered question, the potential applies level 5 status ailments.

Aah all super helpful. Thanks!