Which "Founder Packs" are being Discontinued on 5/25/2021?

49092f83-8995-4a79-9a0d-45a57e89ea8c-image.png Based on the above image from the Announcements page (https://www.pso2.com/news/announcements/missionfounders0423), it seems clear the Sonic packages and the Ragol Memories package will be discontinued, but due to the vague wording, I am unsure if this includes the PSO2 Episode Oracle Package and the Episode 6 Deluxe Package.

Does anyone have a confirmation on this?

I think they are referring to all the packs that include the game, since those are the only ones that can be considered Founder's Packs

probably all packs but is to be expected with the change of the graphic engine is to be expected after all the Founders packs have current model outfits making then less attractive to sell that the new models that will come with the new engine.

I'd also like the know as a lot of that stuff I doubt will be remade in NGS form

Old PSO2 packs are being permanently removed and NGS packs are being added instead.