Matching race with a proper class? Does it matter?

Hello. So my whole time playing I have always put all my melee stuff on my Deuman, my range stuff on my CAST and my technique stuff on my Neuman. Does this matter? I have had to level phantom to 100 3 different times. Is it worth it to specialize like this, or am I just being silly?


You definitely don't need to be worrying about race when it comes to stats or classes. It is pretty much just your choice of what you want them to be. I don't think there was a difference between the races in this game and even if there was, it is too small to notice anything.

There are minuscule differences between race in terms of stats, but they really only matter for equipping requirements at early levels. For reference, the average gap in stats between races is about 5%, with the biggest gap being 14% between CASTs and female Newman for TEC-Pwr, which only comes out to about 100 TEC-Pwr difference at lv100, which is like less than 3% damage difference.

Ugh. This was a lot of unnecessary work then! Should have just been a Human. Thanks for the help!

the only one that really is affected more is female Newman for having the lowest combination over DEX that is pretty much needed for the best gear but still it only makes you be able to equip it a few levels later, still the races bonus are almost non existent in terms of damage so whatever you choose will not affect much.