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@flylowclevo This is good news for me... I've been suspended since the 16th of June and I'm getting the same responses that you did. One thing is that I spend $30 on AC and used it, by the time I'm back I'm sure it'll be ran out, did they say anything about giving you a refund or reissuing any time?

Good to hear @flylowclevo ! Love to see you in central city one day! ❤

@flylowclevoCan Fang think about your complaint channel? Recently, I bought their AC because of paying money, and one day my account got the 816 error message. I hope you can help me.

@Mallos 方可考慮一下您的投訴渠道嗎?最近因為付錢買了他們的AC,有一天我的賬戶收到了816錯誤信息。我希望你能幫助我。