816 options

Is there really no going back on an 816 once it has been put in place? I am asking because I just would like to understand why Steam would mark me for fraudulent activity when I purchase with the same card I had been using on my linked Microsoft Store account until I started doing everything on Steam. I made a $30 and two $50 purchases to get to the Support Scratch Bonus for Receptors that I never went back on or anything. I had waited 24 hours for my first $10 purchase to go through like normal, but I had been using Steam for like 2 weeks. This is the same card I've used on MS Version all year. All of a sudden like a day later Steam says I'm fraudulent. Then I clear things up with them in a few hours, while I'm playing on Microsoft Store Version. And after a few more hours am kicked with an 816. I would like to understand why Steam marking me for fraud for whatever reason and then going back on it is a verification for fraudulent activity. I have submitted a support ticket back on April 5th. I'm just very sad and worried because the only email I have received from support so far is one where I have been informed this is a lengthy process to look into. I understand this can take time but it has now been two and a half weeks and like I said I'm just worried at this point. I've been playing since PC launch. I had been premium and everything, I had bought things with MS version with no issues before, but I switch to Steam and now the entire account I played with fully leveled characters, affixing finished during boosted affix week as well as storage, crafting line purchases and 30ish more days of premium is just sitting here in limbo. Sorry for this wall of text. I'm just hoping to reach someone about this who can explain to me why I should think to use Steam again if I can play PSO2 again at all. I really love this game, but if Steam is just gonna flag my card when I use it what is the point of using it? (Edit: the date of the ticket was April 6th. My Steam purchases were late April 5th, sorry for that error in my memory.)

(Edit 2 TLDR: Steam flagged the same card I was using for Microsoft Store because I had just linked it to my Steam and used it for big purchase. I got the boot. Still waiting to hear back.)

Just keep pestering Steam to check and double check the account is in good standing and can buy stuff, so Sega releases their 816 flag. (At least that seems to be the case for other players).

Do you mean I should try to purchase AC again or just anything on the Steam store?

No, I mean ask Steam Customer Support to check your account and make absolute sure your Steam account is able to make purchases.

pso2steamsupport1.png you mean like this? or should i be telling them to make sure i can make purchases at all going forward?

edit - after my steam restriction was lifted I readded same card and put $5 in my Steam wallet using it, but I dont play much else on Steam to be honest I just reactivated my Steam account on the day you see it says I purchased PSO2 in that ss. The only other game I have on my library was L4d, and I didn't get a restriction/limited user account until hours after I made those bigger purchases of AC in Steam store which again was more than 24 hours after first purchase of $10 so I 'm confused why the restriction on my account never took place before I was allowed to make purchases. I still have that $5 in my Steam Wallet, are you saying I should be trying to find out from Support if I can use the money from my wallet in store without repercussions?

I guess it couldn't hurt to ask Steam again if you are cleared to make purchases. Also, probably do what @odnoliub did and keep trying to login to PSO2 daily (although it looks like it still took a few days after Steam cleared @odnoliub account before he could log into PSO2).

Ok yea i sent them a message and added more money to my Steam Wallet. I logged yesterday and still had 816. My last response was april 7th, though as you can see ive added these ss in email reply so hopefully they go it. I jnderstand they probably have a bit to go through so I can wait for my account to come back, Im just anxious, you know? 4k total hours on the account gone when i linked my old steam and used a card on it for the first time. I mean I get it. But thanks so much for the advice and input. I'll try to update what happens. I hope its not too late.

all i can say is be super patient unfortunately. 😞

Thanks. Its just scary when you see another player gets a final reply in a week or two and you've waited longer. Im just an anxious person who doesnt take silence very well after a bit of time. Every day is dread that I will be told that its just over for me and I legitimately didn't understand steams fraud detection system would hit me. Like yeah my account is old and the card has just been added, but I thought my card verified at purchase, and why not let me report something myself if it seems wrong? What kind of system do they have where it doesnt verify your card before you can use it instead of after purchase? Maybe it was a bug and that's why its taking a bit longer to hear back on top of having to translate all my stuff. Again, I'll probably hear back soon. In case you can't tell, I tend to write walls when I'm anxious, sincerely sorry for that.

@flylowclevo just keep nagging them until they do something and if they still keep giving you the same old form letter then it's obvious that steam has gone FUBAR

The PSO2 team just emailed me a bit ago now that they need to more time to investigate. This was not long after I emailed a ss of the confirmation I actually just got Steam Support that my account has been marked to not have issues with purchases in the future. So it is a response. I'm more a bit more at ease now. I guess its something to wait on for a little bit longer.

if they dont get back to you in a week, nag em a lot haha, if you annoy em enough theyll do it 🙂

Does annoying them really work in my favor. Also i forgot to mention in my own idiocy that I think I understand why Steam marked me. My account was old. I reactivated it but forgot pw. Have almost nothing on it but PSO2. I bought AC within a week. OMG. I'm so stupid. I hope Sega is willing to forgive my stupidity. I havent forgotten password since. That's an oof tho.

Im sorry if I'm not supposed to be posting here anymore. I just don't know if I am allowed to submit a support ticket as I think my current one is still open. I had sent them a bunch of stuff because I did not know what was going on in that email thread so maybe its too much information? I think they last contacted me about 3 weeks ago asking for more time to investigate my issue after I told them Steam has made my account able to make future purchases without issue bringing this ticket up to almost 6 weeks of being open now. I understand NGS tickets and bugs that affect more players are probably priority and thats completely alright. Im sorry I am anxious and possibly annoying, I keep feeling like I did something wrong with how long it has been now but I do not know. I wish I could speak with someone about it and hope I can maybe get to play NGS.

Update: SEGA allowed me to come back! I'm so grateful for it! Thank you so much, SEGA and Steam for helping with this. I really love PSO and PSO2, and now I have the privilege of being in NGS!