About a STEAM version...

Will the game have a STEAM version? Will we have languages like Spanish and Portuguese in the subtitles for people from Latin America? Does a version on STEAM still have the possibility of coming out this year?

There will likely be a steam version eventually, but it's unlikely other languages will come out without a modification made by the community, much like what they did wih the japanese version. Though modifying files is technically against the rules (at least it is in Japan)... just don't give away the means to do it in-game or on the official forums here, and you'll be fine.


Prior to the Closed Beta going live, the entire website + an unfinished version of Online Manual leaked. The Online Manual was incomplete and some things mentioned there are no longer applicable... but at the same time some of the things it did say did end up happening such as the Mission Pass. Anyways, bottom line... the Online Manual had instructions on how to load the game from the Microsoft Store and Steam.

Given the support page has reference to the PC version still using a launcher, I would say that the PC version would be the same regardless whether its distributed through Steam or the Microsoft Store. Many MMO / Online games with their own infrastructure have simply used the MS Store or Steam as a 'distribution platform' for the base installation and launcher, which would handle the patch updates. Like Master Chief Collection, the Steam version would simply have a Microsoft login form.

As for other languages, the Twitter did previously confirm that there's currently nothing to announce regarding localization into languages other than English. At the same time, it certainly does seem interesting that in addition to a language setting for character voices, the game also lets play the NA version in Japanese and has an option to show what language you speak (which again, only lists ENG and JP). I'd say... its a bit of future proofing to say the least in the scenario they decide to add other languages but other than that its about as confirmed as the EU release... which has more chances of happening given that some PS games like Portable 2 and 0 had an English-only European release...

The main thing is, you'll hear about it when it's announced, as with anything TBA. They won't be revealing things in response to forum posts or tweets as they would have Non-Disclosure Agreements signed.