Lobby Music Needs to change, please

I am a new player, I've only been playing for a few weeks now, but I enjoy the game pretty well. One point I would say I have against the game though is the music in the Lobby. It was ok for a day or two, but it either needs another festive song to stamp out the repetitiveness or just change the song outright to something else every couple of days. Please, I don't like turning music off, as the rest of the music is actually quite pleasant and adds to the atmosphere in my opinion, but I am so done with the lobby salsa song. Thank you for your time.

@Tasty-Onions It will leave when the event does. Should be next maintenance. Well, hopefully. The music was fun the first week, and then stopped being fun shortly thereafter. It wouldn't be so bad if they had other music cycle in and out with it. Hopefully in future events they do this, because the Halloween event had the same issue, fun music, that eventually became not so fun. It's the repetition that ruins it.

@Anarchy-Marine said in Lobby Music Needs to change, please: It's the repetition that ruins it.

Yeah you nailed it with that statement. I like upbeat music as much as the next space cat, but too much is mew much.

SEGA will take off the Samba de Amigo music in the future, give everyone a week or so of peace, and then it will be time to celebrate Sonic's birthday!

SEGA Japan seems to be talking about Sonic Adventure a lot lately. Maybe they'll make the lobby music an endless loop of live and learn or open your heart. You know, to celebrate Sonic's birthday in style!

+1,000,000. Its kind of a running jokey thing with my Dad. As he loves to listen to and watch me play as can. And yeah, soon as this "..de amigo.." stuff we were like "Oh @#$#. Guess what the next several weeks/month are gonna be like! ;0~~~ 😿 😸

"Gotta Go Fast!" ;0 ;~)

@Photon_Cat Again, the sonic music isn't bad, it's the repetition. If they simply pulled more music to cycle through, all sonic related, as I know that has to be more then a couple of tracks, and tracks that were randomized as you load in, it would make the experience more enjoyable long term.

bummmp this x1000000 please make the lobby music mixed OR please make /bgm command a thing were we can easily mute the ingame music and toggle it back when we're in a safe zone loll

I know this post had nothing to do with it, but the current music now (after the patch) is just beautiful. love it.

@Tasty-Onions The cherry blossom trees go well with it as well.

@Tasty-Onions YES!!

I came on here specifically to create a post extolling its wondrous virtues!! ;0~~

What I'm trying to remember is.. ..I know we had some Cherry Blossom tree themage last year. But I don't remember if this lobby music was ever played before on NA.

What say ye younger folk with those younger/better brain cells of recollection..!? ;0 ;~)

o/ =^.^=

The cherry blossom music is definitely a pleasant surprise! I thought we were going to be stuck with Samba de Amigo music for all of May based on what I was reading others saying about how long the easter lobby lasted. I'm glad that isn't the case though, was definitely starting to get very annoying.

Actually the fun fact is, the song is called Cherry Blossom its from Phantasy Star Universe for the same type of lobby.

@Church10129 Is this the same song as last year's cherry blossomery?

o/ =^.^=

I'm not sure, I wasn't around for it.

I hope to see you all again next easter