Xbox Insider Hub not working ( Win10 )

I can't run Xbox Insider, how to join beta test from Steam ?

Beta is only through the Windows Store. You have to link your account to the Windows Store and then use the Insider Hub to sign up.

@Lorient I just can't run Xbox Insider Hub(program error, or not available for my region Belarus, i don't know), no beta release data for Steam ?

You can try submitting a ticket, but no, unfortunately there is no beta for Steam.

You can only join the beta if your country/regio is officially supported by XBOX Live. The list of all 41 countries/regions support by XBOX Live can be found here and clicking the link for XBOX Live Gold:

@Ragnawind why Belarus not in list ? Microsoft imposed sanctions against Belarus? ((((

Please add beta to Steam, XBOX is bad ((

@Demo-Hell it just means that Xbox Gold doesn't work in your country not that Microsoft imposed anything, there are other countries that Microsoft don't offer all their products and services.

Why sega used microsoft if it not works in some countries ? Why sega can't use steam for beta testing ?

@Demo-Hell because it was Microsoft who paid for PSO2 to come outside of Japan so they take priority, also this is just a closed beta the game will be released at the same time in all platforms.

@Jamesmor i found how to fix this error! Need change region in Win10 settings from Belarus to Russia, install XBOX INSIDER and then change region back to Belarus.