I am currently working on a Custom Beat Saber - PSO2 Concert pack. it will include 7 songs from the global concerts

Cosmic Twinkle Star

End of the Light

Endless Story

Eternal Encore

Our Fighting

Rare Drop Koi Koi

We're Arks

I am looking for some fan made cover art for "each" song as well as one for the whole pack

Cover Image: JPG or PNG, must be perfectly square and 512 pixels per side is recommended also must include song name and the PSO2/sega logo.( Pack Cover should include Beat saber logo as well as pso2/sega logo and does NOT have to be the 512 pixels) If your work is chosen I will add your name to the mapper credits as "Cover art by : so and so " what name you decide to use is up to you

If you would like to watch or download and play the ones I have completed already you can find them in a link from this post