There is a bug / technical issue / oversight with the in-game chat functions that has been a daily headache for players wishing to use symbols and other characters.

We cannot type any symbols for various currencies, this includes £ € and more, only the US Dollar Symbol $ is valid for sending in chat boxes.

Additionally, this is restricted to numerous other symbols as well which cannot be typed at all, including α β Δ and even foreign letters, such as accented á é í ó ú just to name a few which are extremely common in day to day languages that are NOT English.

This is unfair and clearly an oversight of the dev team which has been missed likely due to the original North American exclusivity of this game.

I would also like to point out that this means we cannot type in-game names for things like Franca's Café or use the É for Étoile, as it simply does not allow us to type these characters.

There is one single way that we can use these, and that is by the use of Shortcuts by Pressing F keys on our keyboards, I've also demonstrated this in my screenshots.

  • 1609873432851-c6d10864-e04c-4f16-85a1-ced6f4908079-image.png

  • 1609873526724-0c70241b-44e1-42f4-a523-956ebdf4de67-image.png

This issue extends to things like using ALT+Enter which the game advertises (as seen in my screenshots attached) that players can use to perform a line break. We're instructed to use it on the Alliance Message Board posting instructions but this fails to send because of the oversight in chat limitations.

  • 1609873280948-484fd8fa-464f-43ec-b315-1fd3641a97ee-image.png

  • 1609873284054-9e4ebb08-efa1-4477-9dd0-333ced40b8df-image.png

It seems the Global font set is missing various characters and players are restricted from typing them as well, which I'm sure has come up a few times, is there any way this could be relayed to the dev team so we can use these characters, at least in chat boxes and so forth?

I really hope this can be relayed to the dev team, as not allowing the use of these characters even though the game itself uses them for things like Café and Étoile just isn't right.

Thank you for reading.